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Trust is a keystone to all good relationships. We, at IDEX Corporation have stayed true to our principles of trust, teamwork and excellence that have driven us to shape products that the markets desire.

Richter, under the wings of IDEX India, is the foremost manufacturer of the finest quality mag drive pumps and valves. We offer chemical process pumps, mag drive pumps, PFA lined valves, PTFE lined valves, ball valves, butterfly valves, industrial plug valves amongst others. These products excel through robust design and long service life.

Our range includes premium quality seal less pumps, sealed pumps, mag drive pumps and control equipment used in challenging applications. The RICHTER centrifugal magnetic drive pumps are engineered from meticulous, comprehensive R & D effort to provide industry-specific, advanced pumping solutions. Even in the most severe applications and environments, they deliver superior performance.

Richter is one of the leading and trustworthy valves manufacturer in India. These products score over high-priced alternatives with cost-effective special metals and alloys. Richter’s high-grade, corrosion resistant, fluoro plastic lined products offer solutions for applications which necessitate the safe separation of fluid and atmosphere. Our products are cut out for highly corrosive fluids, high-purity and ultra-pure liquids, chlorinated water, chemicals, solvents and rinsing fluids.


Chemical Process Pumps

Richter Pumps are tailor-made for use under arduous operating conditions. They are available with mechanically sealed and seal less magnetic drive options. These chemical process pumps and mag drive pumps offer maximum mounting flexibility, durability due to optimum material combination with PTFE lining and PFA disc, superior corrosion resistance, extended lifetime and minimized operating costs. Innovative self-priming pumps, vortex and peripheral pumps are also available in our product range as well as customized solutions are provided.


Valves & Control Equipment

We offer premium quality PFA lined valves, PTFE lined valves, ball valves, high performance butterfly valves manufacturer, shut off valves, sleeved plug valves, lined plug valves and control equipment used in demanding applications. In many applications they operate virtually maintenance free for decades. The PFA, PTFE and PFA-L (antistatic) – offers high resistance to corrosion for almost all applications. Richter valves and control equipment can be fitted with many various types of actuators, control and monitoring components to suit our discerning customers’ requirements.







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Oil & Gas

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