Mechanical registers

Mechanical registers are traditionally being used in a variety of mobile and fixed-site applications. Mechanical registers are ideal for applications without electrical power and can be installed on virtually all LC meters. Large-numeral counter provides 5-digit reset table and 8-digit non-reset table totalizes. Preset Counter enables you to set a predetermined volume and control a mechanically linked valve closure so that the exact predetermined volume will be delivered and the valve will close, shock free. Micro switches convert mechanical signal to electrical or pneumatic signal to provide preset counter control of remotely located DCV / SET STOP valve, pump and/or alarms.

  • W&M approved
  • Works without electric power
  • Options available: Ticket Printer, Temperature & volume compensation
  • Preset / Preset Valve
Electronic Register
Weights and Measures (custody transfer) approved, advanced microprocessor base electronic registration for presetting, printing and control systems. It is designed to meet and even adapt to – your flow meter and process control instrumentation requirements. TE550 is ATEX approved for use in hazardous areas. Accepts pulse input from most flow meters. It also includes RS232/485 communication; which make it compatible with printer, hand held computer and PC.
  • Weights and Measures approved
  • Options available are Ticket Printer / Electronic Temperature / volume compensation / Data Logging / Electrically actuated valve
Pulse Output Device
Liquid Controls’ Pulse Output Device (POD) converts the rotary motion of the liquid controls positive displacement flow meter into electronic pulses. This allows the flow measurement devices to interface with a wide variety of electronic monitoring devices and control equipments.
  • Gland-less design, magnetically coupled to the meter
  • Dual pulse output
  • Weights and Measures approved
  • PESO approved for use in hazardous areas
  • Pulse transmission range up to 1524 m
Digital Control Valve

Liquid Controls’ digital control valve is an electron hydraulic actuated control valve. Hydraulically balanced designs ensure minimum head loss and maximum resistance to cavitations, regardless of system pressure and flow rate. Digital control valves allow precise batch control.

  • Fail-safe to close
  • Low pressure loss
  • Size: 2”, 3” & 4”
  • Trim: SS304 / SS316 / Solenoid NO, NC, Limit Switch
  • End connection: 150 class / 300 class

Strainers are always recommended for all applications on the inlet side of the meter to help to protect against damage caused by foreign particles in the liquid like e.g., rust, pipe scale, and burrs from new piping installations. Although strainers extend the service life of the meter once in operation, systems should always be flushed and completely free of foreign materials before meter installation and startup. Strainer body metallurgists include aluminum, cast iron, brass, and stainless steel.

  • Sizes: 2” to 18”
  • Mesh Size: 20, 40, 80, 100
  • Metallurgy: Carbon Steel / Aluminum / Stainless Steel
Air/Vapor Eliminators
Air and vapor eliminators are installed on the inlet side of the meter in order to maintain high-accuracy liquid measurement. The mechanical LC air eliminator consists of a housing that contains a float assembly in combination with flexible reed strips and two orifice plates to control elimination of free air or vapor. Air/vapor elimination is required for Weights and Measures regulatory approvals in custody transfer applications.
  • Sizes: 2” to 18”
  • Pressure Rating: 150- 350 PSI
  • Metallurgy: Carbon Steel / Aluminum / Stainless Steel
Prover Tank
Proving tanks are volumetric vessels, which are designed and manufactured as per standard. These are considered as a primary measurement device for flow and volume measurement. These are deployed for site calibration of liquid flow meters, master meter and tank lorries with high degree of accuracy and reliability. They are manufactured and supplied under manufacturing license from Dept of W & M Ministry of civil supplies. They are calibrated sealed & stamped by W & M dept. before dispatch. A certificate is issued by W & M department, certifying the capacity of proving tank.
    • Capacity: 100- 5000 Liter
    • Metallurgy: Carbon Steel / Epoxy Coated / Stainless Steel/Fix and Trolley mounted features
Miscellaneous Accessories

The miscellaneous accessories include Air Eliminator, Check Valves, V15 and V30 Valves, Lectro Count XL LED Remote Display.


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